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21/12/12 : Barnstable.
30/12/12 : x3 Exeter
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 Mac Fisheries: 4 Elm Park Parade, Stanmore, London 





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Finally got a photo of Mac Fisheries at 10 High Street, Redhill, Surrey.


After requesting info and/or a photo of this Redhill branch, it took 3 years for this pic to show it-self. I wanted to find photos of this shop, as it is another Macs my mother would shop at if she took the bus into near-by Redhill. I remembered the location as being on the right of the High Street, but had no idea where. Nestled in between Dolcis and Hepworths. 


Sent to me after a Facebook appeal. 






added 08/10/14


Two  photos of the Mac Fisheries shop at 14 Spring Gardens, Buxton.

 Photograph dated: 5th January 1937






 added 01/10/14


Mac Fisheries 38 St Leonards Road, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex. 1976 

 1930 listings showed this branch at No 4  


Added: 03 October 2013 @ 17:39:57
Mac Fisheries Yorkshire Street, Rochdale. c1965
Photo : supplied by Mike Ashworth. Thanks Mike.
Added: 03 October 2013 @ 16:52:06
Mac Fisheries  Westow Hill, Upper Norwood.
Added: 03 October 2013 @ 16:29:46
Mac fisheries Garrick Street, Wolverhampton.
Added: 01/10/13 @ 01:05:57
Macs at 10 Eastway, Bridgwater, Somerset
Health and safety nightmare!!! has the man on the left been injured?
Added : 22/01/13
Mac Fisheries 3 Maybell Avenue, Blackpool.
Added: 22/01/13
A Ghost at Camberley High Street.
Mac Fisheries 54 High Street, Camberley, Surrey.
                             George Reynolds (manager), Wyn Morgan, 'Percy' & Daisy
It appears Percy is a touch camera shy.
Pic 1979
Added: 14/01/13
Mac Fisheries 61 Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey.
 This unique 1930s spectacle which passes the Macs shop.
  "Surbiton Goes Gay".
Carnival procession in aid of a new Hospital.

Fire engines, ambulances, 30s trucks and cars, lead a parade through the streets of Surbiton to raise money for the Hospital. Various brightly decorated floats follow in the procession. Children taking part in a fancy dress competition walk along the crowd lined streets. The Queen of The Carnival is brought on a horse drawn carriage. Lots of the floats are sponsored by local companies.
1930s Macfisheries Surbition
Click to play this vintage movie
Surbition goes gay
Added : 14/01/13
Mac Fisheries 25 High Street, Marlow, Bucks.
A 1931 photograph of the shop and staff.
Second from left is Mr Golds, Mr Young, the manager of the day, stands in the centre. His son also worked for the company and was still at Macs in 1976 
marlow 1931
Below is the same shop 45years on (1976)
marlow 1976
Joe Leferve serves another customer. Joe knew the Marlow shoppers well
for, in 1976 he had been at the store for around 42 years
marlow macfisheries
Added : 08/01/13 
Mac Fisheries at
115 Notting Hill Gate, London W11
One of the companys first supermarkets
Photographed here on its opening day of May 1962
nottinghill macfisheries
The same store, sited on the corner of Notting Hill Gate and Kensington
 Church Street was soon to become a Mac Market.
The building was dwafted by the huge 10 story office block seen
 in the picture.
Office staff gave the store vast lunch-time trade, as did the home-going
commuters at 5pm onwards.
nottinghill mac market
Not a particularly large fitment for fruit and veg, but the Notting Hill Store, in
1975 sold more produce than any other M/M.
The same went for pre-packed fish, which was displayed and sold from
 a tiered cabinet....typical London trade. 
nottinghill mac fruit
A recent discussion on the forum page (see Re:FC10 Notting Hill) 08/01/13, written by Macs GM David Cox, has prompted me to add this next photo.
Aftermath of an IRA bomb next door to the Notting Hill Gate Mac Market.
Sadly an Army Bomb Disposal Man died in the explosion.
David explains this well.
nottinghill bomb
Added : 07/01/13 
Mac Fisheries 60 years ago.
33 Queen Street, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.
Geese on the top row, turkeys everywhere else. A familier layout for Macs during the times this photo was taken (just before Christmas 1953)
The alley to the right of the pic took you straight to the harbour.
This store was trading from the very early days of Macs c1920s, but it was closed down long before the Mac Fisheries take-over.
bridlington 1950 macfisheries
      bridlington arnolds fisheries    Even today this shop is trading as a "Fishmonger".
       click on image to open                           Arnolds Fisheries
Added : 07/01/13 
Mac Fisheries Middlesbrough
middlesbrough macfisheries
Fish poultry counter at the Middlesbrough 2 trader shop.
middlesbrough macfisheries interior
Added: 07/01/13
A new Mac Fisheries for
Manford Way, Hainhault, Chigwell, Essex
chigwell macfisheries
This store was due to open in early 1955. It was the first Macs store to open on any L.C.C. estate.  I bet there was surprise with this odd photograph, it shows a que forming outside the shop, something Mac Fisheries were accustom to, but this odd que developed two days before the store was due to officially open and was formed by three very young ladies, complete with dolls prams and dollies, apparently waiting for the shop to open. It appears the eldest sister asserts her right to be first in.
We'd all heard of "Pieces for the Cat" but surely not  "Fish for Dollies"
Added :30/12/12
Two photos showing Mac Fisheries in Carrington Street, Nottingham.
The very helpful folks from the following link, helped me identify the address of this wonderful photograph.
After a long debate with several of the regular forumers, it was identified that this part of Carrington Sreet no longer exists, as it was demolished for a new indoor shopping mall.
Thanks for all your help guys, I really enjoyed all the conflict this pic stirred up!!!
Very High Res, Click on pic to open.
carrington street nottingham
Mac Fisheries to the right of the Burton building.
macfisheries nottingham
Added 30/12/12
 Mac Fisheries:  New Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
This store closed down in 1976
macfisheries huddersfield
Added 30/12/12
 Mac Fisheries, 106 High Street, Slough, Buckinghamshire.
This evening pic shows the then recent 1955 refurb, where it was turned into a closed fronted shop. A sign of the times.
Managed by Mr E. Stanger.
slough macfisheries
Mac Fisheries East Street, Bedminster, Bristol.
bedminster macfisheries
The Ancient town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, situated on the Great North Road, 
plays host in early December 1955 to the opening of this new
Mac Fisheries store, sited in the prime position of
The building itself dated back to the seventeenth century and although in 1955, it had been adapted to suit, it still retained some of its original interior beams, and was
roofed in old Colley Weston stone slates.
Macs had stuck to decor, both inside and out, to what was fast becoming their standard design for counter shops.
The manager upon opening was Mr A. Fletcher. 
stamford macfisheries
A fantastic, busy 1950 photograph of the Mac Fisheries shop sited at
36 Station Approach, Hayes, Kent.
This shop opened as a Macs in 1934.
The lay out of the stock, away from the fish, boasted a fine choice of game and young Devon rabbits.
This type of display would hardly please in these modern, pre-packed times but back then this layout was quite the norm and practiced widely down the High Streets all over the country.
Click on the pic to open full size
hayes kent macfisheries
This photo is part of a collection owned by Howard King, where he photographed various shop window displays in Hayes, during 1950 for a competition organised by the Hayes Chamber of Commerce.
Many of Howard's photographs are included in
but since its publication his son, Tony, has found several
interesting ones in his father's albums, inc this Macs pic.
He has kindly agreed to their publication.
Added: 30/12/12
A mid 1960s shot of Mac Fisheries in Dudley Street, Wolverhampton.
wolverhampton macfisheries
Added: 30/12/12
Mac Fisheries, Cathedral Square, Peterborough.
An early 1960s photo of a MacFisheries Food Centre. This store was probably a Premier Food Store. It went on to become a Mac Market.
Photo supplied to me by Terence O'Brien
Thank you Terence.
peterborough macfisheries
Added : 30/12/12 

Lower Market, Exeter, Devon

This photograph shows the damage that the Luftwuffe caused to this Devon based branch of Mac Fisheries during 1944 WW2

exeter bombed
With extensive post war redevelopment of the town, Mac Fisheries took on the newly opened premises at 41 Sidwell Street. This photograph, taken on 5th Sept 1954
 still shows Eveleighs Garage to the right of the shop.
sidwell street exeter
Eveleighs was soon to go as building progress added many more neighbouring shops to the right of Macs.
This photo from around 1960.
sidwell street macfisheries
Added 22/02/12
And still these amazing images keep coming!!!!
 Mac Fisheries, East Street, Blandford, Dorset
Note the Mac's 1930s Morris 8 delivery van parked outside the shop
I suspect this photograph was taken just before, or during WW2 by the white highlights on the bumpers, side steps and wings of the Van and the Morris 8 Series E car.
Zoom in by clicking on the image
Blandford 1930s
Added 22/02/12
This fantastic photograph of
Macfisheries 32 London Road, Morden, Surrey
was attached to the following email, sent to me by Mr David Palmer 

Hello Colin,

Please find attached a photo which I have, thanks to your website identified as the Macfisheries shop at 32 London Road, Morden, Surrey. It would appear to be the same shop as the one in your "Shopfronts" section although my picture is I think 1930's. Second from the left is my Grandfather Robert Jones, he worked for Macfisheries most of his life, moving to branches in Macclesfield Cheshire, Southport Lancashire ( previously my home town ) and lastly Stamford Lincolnshire, where he and my Grandmother stayed after retirement.

I am sure my mother still has the photos collected by my Grandfather over his many years with Macs. and I do remember some professional type prints from the Southport store after some sort of refurbishment, I will endeavour to get my hands on them the next time I am back in the UK. Hopefully I may also get some more information from my mother, I know that they did move with his job quite a few times in a relatively short period of time because he was apparently sent in as manager to 'under-performing' shops to increase profits.

I have many happy memories as a small child visiting my Grandparents in Stamford, where they lived in a flat two floors up from the shop, to get to the flat there was a wrought iron gate at the side of the shop with an alley way that passed the rear entrance to the shop where you would get the full Macfisheries aroma ( I still like that smell to this day ) then a long straight staircase up to the flat, my Grandmother managed to fall down these stairs quite a few times breaking her arm on at least one occasion. Going anywhere in the town with my Grandfather would always take forever, everyone knew him, I think that shows the difference in the 40 years that have passed and the different way people shop, housewives had the time to spare ( and apparently my Grandfather was a good salesman - that is, he was a bit of a flirt - in the nicest possible way, I should add! ) and although price was important, so was good service.

Anyway, when I get some more information and the photos, I will send it all to you. Hopefully some of it may be of use and maybe some else out there will remember Bob Jones the fishmonger!

Kind regards,  David Palmer.


Thank you David
Very high res image, click on picture
Morden 1930s
Added 20/02/12
Mac Fisheries nestled in the corner of the Princes Square in East Kilbride.
The square was dominated by a huge Safeways supermarket in those days.
East Kilbride 1970s
Added 20/02/12
Mac Fisheries High Street, Hazelmere, Surrey.
Hazelmere 1958
Added 20/02/12
The following email was sent to me by Laureen Lees (Canada)
So far no clues have placed the whereabouts of this shop
26/07/11                 Dear Colin:

I found this old picture in my mom and dads suitcase of photgraph's. I have no idea who these people are. I looked at it closely and noticed the sign said Mac Fisheries, (Brown's Depot) telephone 276.

Is there anything that you can tell me about it. My family was from Yorkshire and Liverpool. We have lived in Canada since the 60's. I did have a great uncle that lived south but I don't know where and I suspect the young gentleman in the picture could be him. His last name was Dewse.

I really look forward to any information you may have on this picture. Regards, Laureen Lees



Zoom in by clicking on the image

Browns Depot Macfisheries

Thank you Laureen
Added 21/12/12
Mac Fisheries, High Street, Barnstable
Click high res image
 barnstable 1960s
Hardly a change from 30yrs
Added 20/02/12
Barnstable 1920s
Added 20/02/12
A recent picture postcard of a 1960s High Street, Watford,
showing Mac Fisheries on the right.
Note the modern day insert.
Watford 1960s
Added 20/02/12
Macs at 31 Peascod Street, Windsor
31 Peascod Street Windsor
Added 20/02/12
Mac Fisheries. 12A  London Street, Basingstoke
A Mac Fisheries shop trading under its original owners name!!! M.C.FISHER.
This was common pratice to some areas, especially where the shop was well respected in the local area, infact a small amount of names stayed with the shop right through to the end.
c 20s/early 30s
Basingstoke 1930
Added 06/02/12
Mac Fisheries Food Centre,
9 Leeming Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
A 1969 Photograph of a tiny Mac Fisheries 'Food Centre' derived from what was obviously
 a wet fish shop.
This shop was trading as early as the late 1920s (confirmed),  probably even earlier.
Leeming Street Mansfield
Added 06/02/12
Mac Fisheries, 47a High Street, Western-super-Mare, Somerset.
c 1950s
Western-super-Mare 1950s

  This photo is credited to photographer E.C. Amesbury.

It appears in a book by Sharon Poole called Weston-s-Mare in Old Photos - the 1950s

Added 06/02/12
Mac Fisheries, 8 Mill Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire. c1960s
Mill Street, Macclesfield 1960s
Image supplied by Brian Ollier...... Thank you Brian.
Added 05/02/12
Lazy Sunday Afternoons!! must have been, a closed Macs at
35 High Street, Solihull, Birmingham. c1960s
High Street, Solihull 1960s
Added 04/02/12
Mac Fisheries at 26 James Street, Mayfair, London W1 overlooks the terrible damage that the Luftwaffe have inflicted on the surrounding buildings with the Western District Parcel Office bearing the brunt.......c1944  
High Resolution Image, click on photo to expand 
James Street, Mayfair 1944
Added 04/02/12
Macfisheries at 44 Fishergate, Preston, Lancs

Decorations in place for the Coronation of King George VI. Photo taken near the junction of Fox Street looking west.

Note the redundant tram lines and stanchions, still in place although the wires appear to have been removed. The last tram ran along this section in December 1935.

Macfisheries, seen at left on the corner of Chapel Street, are trading from premises formerly occupied by Heaney's fruit and poultry shop. note the sign 'Kippers 2d'


The buildings that Macs occupied, along with, and up to the white building on the left in the photo have long been demolised and rebuilt, the rest is by and large, the same as when this photo was taken on 9th May 1937


High Resolution Image, click on photo to expand 
Fishergate, Preston
See another high res view of Fishergate on the 'Macs Transport' page
Added 03/02/12 
The changing face of Mac Fisheries, Deansgate, Manchester 
through the years.
This transformation is really highlighed in the following photographs, showing the trend which the company steered toward, from the aftermath of WW2
Pic 1: 1948 Still a Fish shop plus flowers and fruit.
Pic 2: 1950 saw the change to a much smaller fish shop but now selling all manner of dairy and tinned products.
Pic 3: 1959 really showed where Macs wanted to be, now a modern frontage with an almost futuristic interior styling (see interior pics B below) It covered the four fresh food product groups within the company and was know as a 'multi trader store' Even this new look was dropped within two years, to make way for Mac Fisheries Supermarket.
Pic 4: 1961/63 How Unilever saw the furture, Mac Markets. Deansgate was one of the first M/Market stores to open and stayed trading up to the sell-off in 1979. The old shop next door was demolished after standing empty for a couple of years.
                                  1                                                                                  2                                 
Deansgate, Manchester, 1948    Deansgate, Manchester, 1950 
 Click on pics to enlarge. 
                3                                                                                     4   
Deansgate, Manchester, 1959    Deansgate, Manchester, 1961
Deansgate Interior photos  
Pics A & C: Show how this Mac Market store looked from the inside with a 14 year gap from:  June 1961 (A) to 1975 (C) 
 Click on pics to expand
Deansgate, Manchester, 1
Deansgate, Manchester, 3
A rare coloured photo of London Road, Bognor Regis, Sussex.
Mac Fisheries shown on the right at No 7, they traded from this store for many years.
London road, Bognor
Mac Fisheries at 20 Queen Street, Newton Abbott, Devon.
Newton Abbott 
Click on pic for full size
The Bridgwater, Somerset branch of Mac Fisheries from the 1930s
'Note the witty board to the left of the shop' 
Bridgwater 1930s
Macs two trade shop at Surbition, Surrey (left) has been trading successfully for many years. Now there is a new neighbour bringing a whole new range to the town centre. It was an interesting and unusual situation but Macs saw no reason why the two could not co-exist and thrive in perfect harmony. Pic- c1971
Surbition 1971
Mr F.A.Cannon manager of the two trade shop at Surbition, serves fish at the counter, he provided a personal service and left self service to the shop next door.1971
Surbition 2
Another pic of the old shop.1971
Surbition 3
Click on any of these pics to open full size.
robin cooper surbition   surbition macfisheries   surbition mac market 
Robin Cooper, manager at Surbitions Mac Market accepts a cheque and the Trophey for winning the prestigous 'Chairmans Cup' during the second  half  of 1973.
The cash prize paid for a good evening out for all the staff who worked so hard to
win this respected, in-house award.
Note: The large photo above 1971 shows the store as a Supermarket, by the time Robin and his staff won this title 73, it had changed to a Mac Market.
 A fantastic wartime photo of Maidstone, Kent.
Showing MacFisheries in the background and
King George inspecting A Parade.
Also seen in the picture is:
William morling Gentlemens Outfitters, Royal Star Hotel, Midland Bank
and International Stores.
High resolution picture. Click on photo
Maidstone WW2
High Street, Reigate.
Macs shown as an empty shop, which I'm guessing is from 1965
just before it opened. By the time this shop closed down, the
traffic had become one way.
(the opposite way to this Mini & RT Type bus)
Reigate 1965
Horsefair, Bristol. c1962
Bristol, Horsefair 1962
An Artists impression of Keighley shopping parade, Yorkshire.
Keighley, Yorkshire, History
High Street, Lincoln
(2nd shop on the right)
High Street, Lincoln
Shirley Parade, Nr Croydon, Surrey.
Shirley, 1930s
Kings Lynn c1965
Kings Lynn 1965 
5 Market Place, Wells, Somerset
Three differant views of Macs over a thirty year span
Wells 1942
Wells 1950s
Wells, Market Place 1962
Mac Fisheries, High Street, Seaford, East Sussex. c1952
Seaford 1952
During the 1930s one of the smallest shops that Mac Fisheries traded from was
5 Market Place, Tetbury, Gloustershire.
Market Place Tetbury
This photo and description was supplied to me by Mikey Ashworth.
******Thank You Mikey******
Mac Fisheries shop front designed by Leslie Mansfield ARIBA, 1922
A very classic look for a branch of Mac Fisheries the stylish and simple facade has the trademark inset in terrazzo or tiling on the floor as well as the facade nameboard.
With research I am 99% certain this shop was at
46 The Broadway, Ealing, London.
Ealing Broadway 1922
Mac Fisheries at High Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
Note: In the distance rises the famous
St Mary and All Saints church and its amazing crooked spire.
Click on the above link to read an interesting history of the church and an
explaination to its famous spire.
chesterfield macfisheries


A colour photo of the same High Street.

Both pics c1970


click on picture to zoom in

 chesterfield macfisheries 2






Mac Fisheries, Regent Street, Swindon.  c1920s


swindon 1945


 Added: 30/12/12

The next three images show this same Swindon shop after an

interior re-vamp in the 1950s

swindon macfisheries


 swindon macfisheries 2


swindon macfisheries 3





Mac Fisheries High Street, Perth.  c1960s


Perth high street 




Greengate Street, Stafford



click on picture to zoom in

greengate street stafford




Mac Fisheries at 32 London Road, Morden, Surrey.

c1940s (late)



london road morden 




19 Railway Approach, London Bridge.


london bridge 




Eastgate Street, Chester 1961


eastgate street chester



The following two photographs along with an email was sent to me by

Mr Mick Pugh. I have added the email below with Mick's permission.






Hi Colin, I've attached 2 pictures; 


Photo 1. 

Shop is shown on the opposite side of the road just behind a "Belicia Beacon" crossing post - the roof line is the lowest one to the right of a series of high roof lines. From the cars and the dress style I guess this to be, at the latest, mid-thirties.


Photo 2.

My grandfather and shop manager William Dell.   


william dell esher

   click photo to enlarge


Everybody knew him as Bill. He is standing in the shop front, beside one of the freezer cabinets, the shop is open (without a fitted front) with a sun blind. This photo is probably about 1961/2. Granddad had been manager here since the 1930's - during World War One he was on horse artillery, at the front and still served in WW2 - he used to shut up the Mac Fisheries shop, climb the iron ladder onto the roof of the Embassy Esher cinema (opposite the shop) and help operate a searchlight, spotting German bombers and fighter planes. (on route to bomb Vickers (now Brooklands) at Weybridge - a vital aerodrome for the war effort. 


I remember helping to wash down the thick, white marble slabs, several times a day, to refresh the ice around the salmon, trout, plaice etc. and shell fish of all types. He did a good trade in oysters - as one might expect in such a well-heeled area. At the end of the working day, he would bid his staff goodnight, check everything was spotless and then pull down the security blind to secure the shop. I can't remember him taking time off for any illness and he was very dedicated to the job. He knew almost every customer by name - including some very well known and titled folk.


Hanging from rails above would be pheasant, quail, hare, rabbit etc. Many local people recall this shop and Bill with great fondness - so few quality shops of this type now exist - in spite of a growing market for such good quality fare - the success of Rick Stein's Seafood restaurant illustrates this well.


I am hopeful of finding a better "shop front" picture from local Esher sources, in which case I will let you have a copy.


I hope this helps. Regards   Mick 



High res photo - click on photo to enlarge 

esher macfisheries





Mac Fisheries. 8 Boar Lane, Leeds


Macs at the far left next to Bramham c1920s

boar lane Leeds 





Mac Fisheries in the Yate shopping centre, Kennedy Way,

Yate, Nr Bristol, Avon..... 1970


Kennedy way Yate 


This photo was emailed to me by Mr Peter Green, along with the following:


Please find attached folder of Yate Shopping Centre, picture taken back in July 1970.

The shop is in the far background you can just make it out (above the lady in the blue dress), note shops on the left not completed. the big spike high on roof had to be taken down years later because of rust in the centre steel.

The shopping centre was on kennedy way yate. Peter Green.


Thanks Peter for the above.


Peter worked at this shop and the Gravesend branch.




52 Silver Street, Salisbury.


This night-time Photo was taken from the High Street with St Thomas Church rising up in the background. c1940s (late)


All four of the shops shown Mac Fisheries, Hepworths, The Fifty Shilling Tailors (Price's) and Bowyers (Wiltshire Bacon Co) have all disappeared into history.



Click on picture to zoom in

Silver street Salisbury






Mac Fisheries at 130 High Street, Barnet, London. c1962

Notice Woolworths, Boots, Burtons, Dewhurst.


Click pic to zoom in


Barnet high street 





MacFisheries at Old Fore Street, Sidmouth, Devon.



Sidmouth  Devon 



A very high res photo supplied to me (free of charge) by an Ebay seller.

I will add his credits as soon as a find them on my PC !! Opps 

St James Street, Burnley Lancashire.


Click on pic to zoom in, then click on new window to zoom further.




Mac Fisheries, Purley, Surrey. 1960s

The Jolly Farmers PH is still there in 2009

Recently the main building in this picture from Macs to the right,  has been demolished. Strangely the section to the left survives, including the tower feature. Note Sainsburys next to Macs.



Purley floods in 1956, Macs behind the bus stop.

purley flood




Bath, Somerset. 1950s

Bath 1950s



Macs Billingham branch, Cleveland. 1967


Billingham 1967




A view of Kidderminster's grand Town Hall building with

Mac Fisheries sited to the right.






132 High Street, Dorking, Surrey. c1965


dorking macfisheries




A 1950s photo of Doncaster High Street.

Mac Fisheries sited at 29 High Street.


click on photo for greater detail





37 High Street, Reigate, Surrey. 1956         

photo supplied    website 



reigate 1956




Below is a slightly differant and earlier view to the above shop

Photograph supplied by the website


click on picture to enlarge




reigate macfisheries



Last Reigate site: Old Burtons Building High Street, Reigate,Surrey. c1971

photo supplied      website


Mac Fisheries left of the traffic lights. 

Note: International Stores two shops to the right of Macs.


reigate 1971


Link a photo of the Premier Supermarket shop which this Macs branch

took over after the buy-out in 1962 (see history page)



 Stroud, Gloucestershire. c1930s

Note the 1930's Morris eight delivery van parked to the

 side of the shop.






87 Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey. c1960 


The Worcester Park Odeon was opened on 8 January 1934 with the big picture 'I was a spy', and closed on 29th September 1956 with the last films shown 'Reach for the Sky and We Found a Valley'.



It was converted into a Mac Fisheries, which successively became a Mac Market. The building was demolished in 1998.


click on photo to view larger image 

worcester park

Photos supplied by      Thanks Jenny


Approved by Margaret Rymill who took and owns the photograph




Another great photograph of Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey.

Photo and write-up Supplied by David Rymill (Margarets son, above)



The first Mac Fisheries in Worcester Park was a small shop at what is now the Worcester Park Police Office, 154 Central Road. Mac Fisheries were probably the first occupants of this shop, part of a parade which had not been built by the time the 1930 local Kelly's Directory was compiled, but which was there in time for the 1932 directory. Mac Fisheries are listed there in the 1932 directory, when the address was given as 14 Station Parade, Cheam Common Road, and the same address was being used in the 1935 directory. The whole of the main shopping area in Cheam Common Road was renamed Central Road with effect from 1 April 1935.


Working from the left, the shops shown are United Cleaners, Boots, David Greig (with the words Tea Merchants under the shop name on the blind), Mac Fisheries, T Reeve and Midland Bank. These shops were all there in the 1938 directory (but Boots seems to have arrived after the 1938 directory). The Mac Fisheries sign is unfortunately partially obscured by the David Greig sign, but the letters ISHERIES can just be made out.


click on photo to view larger image 

central road 





Union Street, Glasgow. 1959


glasgow 1959



South Street, Romford 1920


romford 1920



Birchington, Kent. 1932





Cheltenham c1930s

Window dressing to this high standard was very much a thing of these days.

Todays H&S standards would never allow such unrefridgerated pratices.


cheltenham 1930s
Sittingbourne, Kent.  c1926
sittingbourne 1926
High Street, Burton.

burton High Street


Skinnergate, Darlington, County Durham. c1970
darlington skinnergate
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77 Mostyn Street, Llandudno, North Wales.
llandudno 1960s 
4 Portland Street, Swansea. 1959/60.
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portland street 1959


Newport Street, Bolton. c1960


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bolton Newport Street



 Cheap Street, Frome, Somerset

Cheap Street in Frome, Somerset is one of Europe's best preserved medieval shopping streets. It retains a water course down the centre of the street, a reminder of times before mains sewerage.

The street is named after the word ceap, which originally meant "to sell".


Mac Fisheries had a shop trading in this street as far back as 1919 this was one of the original stores that Lord Leverhulme set up from the out-set of Mac's trading.

The building was and still is something of a landmark with the locals. 




frome macfisheries


Being a six footer or above was a hinderance at the Cheap Street shop, signs with

'Please mind your head' were displayed in the store indicating low beams.

They had a motto in the store



frome cheap street

all images c1970



Holmsdale Road, Reigate. Viewed from Reigate Hill Rd.


This is a very early photo, cWW1. Richens fishmongers on the left (1st shop).


 Jill Sandys has confirmed that Mac Fisheries was the third shop on the left, (but probably not in this photograph due to its age). Her father was delivery boy for this Macs shop and the family lived in the flat above.(lady in white top marks the position)

Reigate train station is opposite


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reigate holmsdale




A late 50s picture of the new Arndale House clock building, The Broadway, Accrington, Lancashire.

Mac Fisheries is the second shop down.


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accrington Broadway 




 Rosemont Terrace, West Byfleet, Surrey. c1960s


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west byfleet 1960s 




 The view north up Malden Road, New Malden, Surrey. 1961


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new maldon 1961 




 A Mac Fisheries delivery truck off loading the day's fresh supplies to this Macs branch, 18 Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey. 1959/60.


*********Can anyone tell me what truck this is?*********


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woking 1959/60



Below is a very early photo of the same shop but photographed from the

other direction showing its Morris van complete with its roofboard



woking 1930s 


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