Any photographs or information that comes to light connected with the various forms of transport that Mac Fisheries or Unilever used to service their many shops and distribution centres will be added to this page.

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2 Mac Fisheries truck hiding behind a Scamell Scarab.
Photographed at Murray Street Fish Docks, Grimsby.
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Unknown Van Model. 
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3 fantastic photographs of the Morris van that served the 1st shop Mac Fisheries traded from in Reigate, Surrey. 
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A 1920s photograph of the Mac Fisheries Shop and its
Morris delivery
van that was operated from : 

                                          1 Castle Street, Oxford.                                                  

Traded from 1921 - 1972 




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A new van for Mac Fisheries in 1955, described as a 
Morris Commercial 5cwt - 8hp
1955 morris van
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Lune Street, Preston May 1937

A view from Fishergate looking towards the Public Hall, whose glass canopies can just be seen above the Macfisheries van in the centre of the image. The street decorations are in place for the Coronation of King George VI. The event took place on May 12th.


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Vintage Preston Van
See another view of Fishergate with the Macs shop on the 'Shops' page
A wonderful photo of a Mac Fisheries delivery van that served the Tadwoth shop in Surrey during the 1930s
This photo of a lovely looking Morris Minor van was taken in 1931 at the side of the shop with the delivery driver Stanley Nash posed at the controls.
 Photo + 2 Tadworth shop pics dating from WW2 have been supplied to me by
Bill Armstrong.
Bill has also supplied lots of info about the shop and his family related ties to it. I will add these shop pics soon along with his very interesting words.
Thank you Bill
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1930 Morris Minor Van
During the Morris Minor LCV production period Mac Fisheries purchased in excess of 500 vans, many of these would have suffered from rust problems as at the end of each working day the drivers would park the van up a ramp and hose out the back in a bid to remove the smell of fish. The van that operated from the Windsor shop was different from its counterparts as it carried the crest 'By Royal Appointment'.
Mac Fisheries Morris
Description and photo from B.Russell
Some of the first vehicles to be used by Mac Fisheries were ex-Army trucks from the
1914-1918 first world war.
A very rare photo from 1920 is this Damiler pick-up truck which was more used to carrying ammunition rather than fish. Note the solid tyres held on with metal studs to the wooden wheels.
I am unsure where this Macs building was situated.
Damiler Truck WW1 
A postcard from 1930s of Tunbridge Wells High Street in Kent with a
Morris Eight delivery van parked in the forground.
Tunbridge wells 1958
A Mac Markets 1977 Leyland Buffalo artic Reg No NPC 148R
leyland buffalo
A Mac Fisheries 1971 Leyland Boxer, Reg No DJB 801J
leyland boxer
A Mac Markets 1977 Leyland Buffalo artic, Reg No NDP 184R
mac market truck
A 16 ton 1977 Mac Fisheries Ford D series, Reg No RDP 189R
macfisheries ford d 
A Mac Markets 1977 Leyland Buffalo artic, Reg No OGM 526R
buffalo artic
A Mac Fisheries 1978 Leyland Buffalo artic, Reg No TGM 554S
macs buffalo
Most Mac Fisheries shops had one or two of these delivery bicyles.
I am told that many of the riders (usually the youngest) made deliveries
up to 5 miles away and often for just a 1/- order, showing Macs
dedication to its customers.
Many ex staff that I have spoken to over the past year state that they
started Mac Fisheries as a delivery boy and worked their way up, some
reaching management level.
delivery bicyle







These AFP containers were introduced in 1959 as a technical advance on the AF container.Heavily insulated they were used for frozen food transportation. These containers were originally owned by Birds Eye Foods and were repainted in the familiar MacFisheries colours


Photo supplied by Paul Bartlett

To view his amazing website, with 1000s of railway photos click on this link



macs railway 




A fantastic postcard photo of an ERF MacFisheries truck being loaded with the catch

of the day at the lovely Ullapool dock in Scotland


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Macfisheries ullapool




Two more photos of a Mac Fisheries ERF truck, this one pulling a turn-table drawbar trailer.


erf drawbar 1

erf macfisheries




This wonderful photograph of these six Mac Fisheries Morris Z vans was obviously taken as a publicity picture for the company. It was supplied to me from the 'old reigate web site'. In the background is the old Reigate swimming baths. The year is unknown but I'm guessing it is from around 1950 -52


Note the two unregistered vans (2nd & 3rd back) maybe one of these is actually my van!!    SPE 901


The odd objects on the roof are a complete mystery to me. I will say that my thoughts on these vans being brand new is backed up by the square stickers on the windscreens, having driven this Morris model I know that the first thing any driver would do is peel this off as it would be right in his/her line of vision.


The fifth van back has a 'one colour' paint scheme and slightly different sign-writing 


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six macs vans




A very early photo from 1920 of a delivery van.

Vehicle model unknown


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macfisheries 1920 van




1930 Morris Minor Van


Note the Guildford billboard on the roof


1930 morris minor van


 For more details of these early Morris Minor cars and vans click on the link below.




Another 30s Morris Minor Van travelling past a circus parade at (and I'm guessing)

Bognor Regis, West Sussex by the Bognor shop roofboard on the van.


macfisheries bognor 1930s 




1935 Morris Twelve Four Van


1935 twelve four van 




Peter Clark with his early split screen Morris Minor Mac Fisheries delivery van

from the Chesterfield branch


macfisheries morris minor 

...more on Peter and Macs to follow




A Morris Z Van with it's driver.

It's been suggested this guy was named Wally !!!!


macfisheries morris z 





Stall Street Bath in the 1960s


 Mac Fisheries Morris Minor van


High resolution photograph, click to enlarge


macfisheries MM van





chertsey road woking 




A photo of a Mac Fisheries van under repair in an unknown workshop.


Pictured along side two Austin 10 cars. I hate to admit that I cannot identify the van make or model, even with internet searching......... Help me out's bigger than a Z van.


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unknown van




Mac Fisheries Models


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